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                Jem Memory, Week Two! Whoo hoo! ^-^
                          I remember when I was around six. I would go to my friend Tiffany's house to play. And what did we play? We both had a common obsession. Jem. And she had the Jem, Kimber, Aja, and I think the Shana doll. I never had a Jem doll myself, but I always played with Tiffany's! Maybe that's why I didn't get one? Interesting! But anyway, I would ALWAYS play with the Aja doll. Well, years later... again when I was about 11. Jem was back on the air. But Tiffany had long since lost her dolls. But she had one thing that she knew I'd like more than anything. And that was Aja's blue guitar. And she gave it to me.