Pretty much right now, this page is going to be a weekly rotating MP3 shrine to Jem Music!
                   Week of September 1, 1998 (The Eighth week!!!)
                                                         Coming soon: More MP3's, and more Fan fics! I will put yours on my page!Anyway, if you are here, then you know Jem! Jem was a cartoon that came out in the mid 1980's, and struck America by storm! With it's realistic songs and plotlines, it made children want to be truly, truly, truly outragous! Dolls came out and tapes! What next, you ask? After 65 episodes the show was canceled. But that didn't stop fans from keeping true to Jem! :) People you are going to have to learn to DEAL with me. If I have a song from you on my page, I will have asked. Now, if I don't remember your name, please don't bite my head off. I'm just a person and I'm as busy as any of you. I put these files here for people to enjoy and I only ask for MP3's when finding the WAVS is impossible. E.K.

By: Jem and The holograms. Sometimes I think the show should have been called Deception! ^-^
And Liz's song stuck in my head of the week is!Flowers in my Hair: By Jem and the Holograms. It's one of those songs you can put on the MP3 player and listen to over and over again and space out! ^-^ This is from Synergy's index. Or at least the wav is!
Open a book: By Jem and the Holograms
Land of the Midnight Sun Whooooo!
Jem Girl: By Jem and the holograms *The wav that this was made from is also from Synergy's Index*

Let me take you to the Mardi Gras fa la la la la la! ^-^ How about Let's take Liz to the Mardi Gras?

Aztec Enchantment: By Jem and the Holograms!

Can't get my Love together: By Jem and the Holograms *Thanx Fudge, you rock!*
                   I would LOVE to thank Grant for the stills for the animated gif, Anna for the pic on the background and for the wavs that These MP3's are from! Except Beat This, which is from Synergy'd Index! And I want to thank Fudge from Jem's Starlight Jukebox! Now that THAT's done, that's it for now folks! Just whipped this little page out in a hurry! I always take requests and comments would be cool! And people, Jem belongs to Claster TV, Sunbow, Sony Wonder, and Hasbro!
                                          Elizabeth King
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This is the first part in a Jem series I started! You don't have to read it, but feel free if you want to! WARNING:There's a few bad words in here, so if you aren't old enough to cuss, don't read it! :P

And here's the second part! ^-^

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This is Grant's Page! It's one of the best ones on Jem I've seen!
And This is Anna's page! Where I got those wonderful wavs!

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