Montgomery, Wonder Girl. By: Elizabeth King
       She looked pensively at the desk before her. The desk that was stacked with paperwork. The desk that was always stacked with paperwork. There was no way that she was going to finish today's work. Another long day as Jem awaited her. Fingering her star earrings, she went over to her desk, sat down and started her work. Jerrica Benton was a workoholic to all who knew her. Sure Jerrica was a hard worker that never let her hair down, at least that's what people thought. When she was Jem her hair was down. She loved to sing. It was in her blood, in her soul, and it reminded her of her mother. And Jem was her outlet. Shaking the dreamy thoughts out of her head, she told herself to get to work.
         Jerrica was already deep into her work, when there was a knock on her office door. She started, and said: "Come in." Rio came in the office dragging a small girl with him. The girl was small, but what she lacked in physical size, she made up in personality. And she was up to her old tricks. Her outfit consisted of blue corduroy overall shorts, a form fitting purple shirt, and black Mary Janes. Her once long hair was cut to her shoulders, and was rolled under. The girl was protesting violently, and Jerrica stood up. She looked into Montgomery's green eyes, and they danced before her.
       "Montgomery. Stop it now. Calm down." Her voice was forceful, but not mean. Montgomery stopped instantly. Jerrica hugged the girl. "Thank you, Montgomery. What are you two doing here?" She went up and kised Rio softly on the lips.
     "I decided that Mongtomery needed to get out." She'd been tagging along with Rio for the past two weeks, and she was getting cabin fever. "But I didn't want to leave her alone at the house." He glared at her. "Not yet."
      "That's fine, Rio. Montgomery, how would you like to meet Jem today?"
      "Would I like to meet who?" She was not impressed.
     "That's right, you don't know Jem. How about you just come with me for the day?"
     "You are relieved of duty, Rio!" Jerrica joked. She kissed his cheek and whispered: "Thank you." In his ear. He nodded, and turned on Montgomery.
     "Be good." He said sternly.
     "Oh look, Rio became my dad over night." She drawled.
     "Well, I'm off all. I have to get some things ready for Jem and the Holograms practice session." He was out the door in a rush, almost as if he was glad to have gotten Montgomery off his hands.
     "I can take care of myself." Montgomery looked at the door. She knew the vibes that Rio was sending out. She was no fool.
     "Oh, don't pay any attention to him. He's just a big baby."
     "You can really do better."
     "You don't know that, Rio's a nice guy."
     "Really sensitive. About as sensitive as a rat on crack." Her voice dripped with sarcasm.
     "He is, trust me." Jerrica's smile could not have been read by any thirteen year old. Almost any     thirteen year old. Montgomery pretended to ignore the smile, and said:
     "So what do we do, Jerrica?" Her voice was bored. "This is a boring office. Let's do something."
     "I can't." She uttered, knowing that she would never get any work done.
     "Yes you can, c'mon. In the past two weeks that I have known you, you've worked so hard that no one has had time for you. You better hang with Rio sometime soon, or he'll go somewhere else." In her voice was not bordem any longer, but maturity. She was thirteen going on thirty-three.
     "Rio is going no where."
     "Umm...humm..." Deciding to let the subject lay, she blurted out: "Let's go get some lunch, I'm famished!" And now it was Jerrica being pulled out of the door, and not Montgomery. For once.
     The mall was huge, and her eyes followed every passing person with speculation. Jerrica watched her, smiling. The girl was abrasive to everyone, but her. Which was very interesting. Montgomery waved her hand in front of Jerrica's face.
     "Earth to Jerrica. C'mon, what's up?"
     "Sorry, I was preoccupied." Jerrica noticed something she never had before. That there were tiny brown specks mixed in with the green.
     "Stop thinking about work!" She half smiled. Jerrica had never seen her fully smile. A woman walked by them, stopped and called Jerrica. She looked at the woman, and seemed to recognize her. But Montgomery didn't. The woman walked over to the table. Montgomery took this as a chance to sneak away. Jerrica was too busy to notice Montgomery and too trusting.
     She snuck to a nearby clothes store. The woman attending asked her if she'd lost her mother. Did she look that young? Ignoring the woman, she walked over to a clothes rack and looked at some shirts on sale. Jerrica wouldn't find her, she hoped. She liked Jerrica, but she just didn't fit in with a house of good people. She was meant to be on the street. And she always would be. Not thinking about her fate, she decided to think of a suitible hiding place.
     Jerrica was talking with Video, a choreographer that often worked on Jem videos. They were heavily engaded in chatter about the latest Jem video. But Jerrica found out what mistake she'd made when she went to introduce Video to Montgomery.
     "Motgomery, this is-" She turned to face the empty seat. "Montgomery?" Then she knew. She was standing up and telling Video that she would have to talk to her later. Video said it was no problem and walked off. Jerrica hurridly looked about. There were so many places to hide, and Montgomery was excellent at hiding. She sighed softly, and crammed a hand through her soft, blonde hair. There was a music store near her, and she ran inside. Looking all around, her mind spun.
 So much for trusting her. Why is she running all the time? She seemes to like me. I don't understand that girl. She thought as she described the girl to a store clerk. The clerk said there were many teenagers with dark hair that had wandered into the store by themselves. She thank him, and went to an accessory store. The clerk had said the same thing. She passed a clothes store on her way to a pet store. Maybe Montgomery was just looking at the dogs, cats, and other assorted pets in the wondow. But she not there, either. This girl was a lot of trouble, but despite her bad disposition and rudeness, Jerrica liked her. And she wasn't about to let her get away. Then the thought came to her. The store she'd missed. The clothes store.
     Jerrica ran as fast as she could to the store and talked to a alburn haired clerk.
     "Have you seen a short girl, black hair, green eyes, has an attitude?"
     "Yes I have, are you her mother?"
     "Yes." She didn't feel like explaining. "Where is she? Is she still in the store?" Jerrica looked around wildly.
     "I don't know, Miss. I looked over to where she a little after a confrontation with her, and she was gone. Sorry."
     "It's okay, where was she standing?" She took off her light jacket. The morning had been crisp, but the heat was coming in, and Jerrica could feel it pressing against her.
     "Over there." The woman pointed to a rack of shirts.
     "Thank you." She ran off toward the shirts.
     Montgomery had no idea Jerrica was in the store. She sat back, as much as she could, and let out a sigh of relief. So much time had passed. Jerrica was never going to find her. She'd been so smart to hide in this spot. Then a shirt in front of her flew off the rack and a pair of deep, sky blue eyes looked in at her. She knew it was Jerrica by her pink eye shadow and blue eyebrows. One of the blue eyebrows raised.
     "Hello, Montgomery."
     "Hi Jerrica. I was just looking at some shirts." She was suddenly sheepish.
     "From inside the rack?"
     "Yep. I have to see a shirt from all angles." She smiled.
     "Out, young lady."
     "C'mon Jerrica, I was kidding."
     "No you weren't." Jerrica shifted her purple jacket from one arm to the other. She used her right hand to mess with her star earrings. She grabbed Mongtomery by the arm and pulled her out of the clothes rack.
     "You are coming back to the table with me and you are going to finish your lunch." She commanded. "And you aren't doing that again."
     "Yes Jerrica."
     "Now," She smiled. "let's get all this bad stuff over with and finish our lunch."
     "Okay, sounds good."
     After they finished eating their lunch, they window shopped for an hour. Jerrica showed her her favorite CD's and Montgomery didn't say anything. They exchanged thoughts about clothes. Every time Jerrica suggested an outfit for her, Montgomery turned her nose up in the air. She told Montgomery to pick out a dress.
     "Why? You want me to steal it?"
     "No, I'm going to buy it for you."
     "Nope?" The thought didn't comprehend. All the other starlight girls were thrilled whever they     were taken shopping for outfits. This girl was a constant mystery.
     "No, I don't take handouts. I made one exception." She pointed to her outfit. "I have the outfit I was found in, that pink abomination, and this. It's enough for me." And with that, she left the store. Jerrica joined her, and they went for a frozen yogurt.
     "I'm going to regret this tomorrow when the stack of papers on my desk is twice as big." She murmured, stirring her vanilla yogurt with chocolate sprinkles.
     "Why don't you hire someone?" She took a big bite of half chocolate half vanilla. "Someone like me."
     "Like you?"
     "Yeah, I work good. I'm a hard worker and I get things done."
     "How can you've had a job, you're only thirteen." Her expression was pure confusion.
     "It's no big deal." Montgomery's tone was saying that she didn't want to talk about it, so Jerrica didn't press it.
     "Yes, you can work for me."
     "Jerrica?" The girl's half smile was enduring. It involved the left half of her face and her eyes sparkled. "Since I'll be working for you, you think you can do me a favor?"
     Their last stop was a CD store. Jerrica had agreed to buy Montgomery a CD, and the she would pay Jerrica back. She followed Montgomery to the world music isle. She fingered CD's, obviously looking for a certain one. Smiling triumphantly, she held up a CD for Jerrica to see. Not knowing what language it was, Jerrica asked.
     "It's nothing." She ran to the sales counter. After buying the CD, Jerrica continued to prod her about the CD. Montgomery wouldn't give.
     She'd changed into Jem while Montgomery was talking with the Holograms. Jerrica told everyone that she had to leave, but she'd ran into Jem in the hallway and she would be right there. And I thought I would be able to go through this practice without a lie. But Montgomery can't know who I am. She's a sweet girl down inside, but I can't trust any more people with my secret.
 Jem walked into the sound station and smiled at everyone.
     "Hi everyone!" She chimed. Then her cheerfulness abruptly halted. Montgomery was having a go around with Kimber.
     "You are a mean little girl, you know that?" Kimber was saying.
     "I know, it's what makes me so damn specail."
     "Both of you, stop it." Jem demanded. She ran a hand through her cotton candy colored hair. She walked over to Montgomery, and said: "You must be Montgomery. Jerrica told me you'd be here today."
     "Yeah and who are you?"
     "I'm Jem."
     "I'm the lead singer of the group Jem and the Holograms." She looked down to see Mongtomery hugging her new CD tightly.
     "How about I get Jerrica for you?" She could think of nothing else. "She had some things to do before she left." She sped out of the room, held her star earring and said: "Show's over Synergy." Her pink hair turned back to blonde, she was back into her purple business suit from a white pants suit. Shaking her head, she walked back into the room.
     "Someone need me? Jem told me to talk to you Montgomery." She walked over to the defensive girl.
     "What do you want?" Her shields were up, and she was protected.
     "Please Montgomery, be nice to everyone here. Especially Jem. She's just trying to get her job done." She hugged the girl, but as always the girl didn't hug her back.
     "Ok, Jerrica." Was all she said. Sensing the mood of the child, Rio changed the subject. He looked down at the CD she was holding to her chest and asked:
     "What kind of music do you like?"
     "Let's get something straight. To a thirteen year old, that is a private question." She slyly turned to face Rio. "It is the equivilant of asking you how many times you and Jerrica have sex a week." Everyone gasped in suprise. Jerrica's face flushed bright crimson. Rio just glared at her. Aja's coffee cup fell to the floor, breaking to tiny bits. Shana's mouth was wide open in shocked surprise. And Raya just stood there.
     "How dare you say anything about Jerrica like that!" Kimber's face was as red as her flowing hair. Everyone else was too shocked to speak. Montgomery just smiled.
     "I was just trying to get you to understand." Innocence took over her eyes once again. "Really."
     "You conniving little-!!" Kimber was inturptted by Rio's voice. Everyone started talking at once, all glaring at Montgomery. She just stuck out her tounge at everyone and started out the door.
     "Montgomery!!" Jerrica screamed. Her voice was not used too screaming and it stung her delicate throught slightly. She made the girl stop in her tracks. "That was out of bounds."
     "I'm sorry Jerrica." This time she was really sorry. Hearing this, Kimber blew her top.
     "How DARE you?! You mind my sister, but not anyone else, not ME? You are suppose to treat us all with respect."
     "Just the ones that are older than three, Kimber." Montgomery shot her an icy stare.
     "Why you-!!!" She stomped out of the office, slamming the door.
     "What am I going to do with you, Montgomery?" Jerrica sighed.
     When the day left the Earth, Jerrica and Rio were sitting on the couch of Starlight House. Montgomery had kept both on edge all day, and they both needed a break. Streams of violet rays shot into the house.The rays were kind to Jerrica's delicate face, they highlighted her soft hair, and her slim arms. That sunset seemed to be more beautiful than any that Jerrica had seen. She thought about that and couldn't remember the last time she watched the sun set. A sudden impulse grabbed at her heart, and she grabbed back. Silently, she took Rio's hand and said:
     "Let's go back."
     "Are you sure Jerrica?" He looked deep into her eyes.
     "Yes I am. It's time." It had been time a long time go, and Jerrica had ignored it. Now, she felt as if she couldn't live without this place. Maybe after two weeks of avoiding Rio, it was time to talk. They said not a word as they got into the car. For they both knew what the other was thinking.
     The sea breeze teased her hair and the sun made it shimmer. Rio noticed that instantly. He knew that this was going to be a very deep conversation. She turned her back to him as she walked in front of him to "Their" spot. He watched the sway of her hips in her short skirt as she walked. She was the most beautiful woman in the world, and she didn't know that. His mind ran thoughts of Jem, and he wondered why didn't Jerrica just sing. Maybe she doesn't think anyone will except her.  Shaking the thoughts away, he sat next to Jerrica on the ground. She turned her head to look him straight in the eyes and he noticed that they held a sorrow that he'd never seen before.
     "Let's talk." He took her hand. "It's been a while since we've had time to do so. Or time when you weren't avoiding me. It's been a very long two weeks."
     "I know. And I'm sorry. I just need to come to terms with something's. I want to know why you didn't tell me. Why Synergy told me not to tell you. I muttered I was Jem in the car when we were taking Montgomery home, did you hear that and make up this story?"
     "I didn't make it up and I didn't hear you in the car. Really. I was thinking about the little brat."
     "She's a Sweetheart, you know..."
     "Yes I do. But that doesn't mean she can treat people like that. I want to choke her sometimes."
     "Me too. But I think she's not too mean. Why would she mind me if she were truly mean?" Jerrica shook her head. "I don't get it."
     "I mind you too." Rio joked and pessed his lips softly against hers.
     "I still can't believe she said that." A blush started in her neck rose up to her cheeks.
     "That was too far. She should be in trouble." A gust of wind tousled his violet hair.
     "Remind me not to have children with you."
     She watched the lazy lapping of the sea. It seemed to always calm her, almost lulling her to sleep.
     "Why didn't you tell me?" She asked in a soft voice.
     "I wanted you to tell me when you could." He sighed. "It was probably the wrong thing to do, because it caused us both much pain and grief. But I thought I was doing the right thing."
     "And Synergy?"
     "I can't talk for her, I've barely seen her. I think she probably thought close to what I did." He was tired as well. Whenever they needed to, they visited this lonely cliff over looking the beautiful Pacific Ocean. They'd found it when they took a drive one day. Crisp green grass decorated the ground, as did California Poppy's. The gold flowers always swayed to their own song of the wind. Jerrica picked a blade of grass from the ground, and nervously twisted it in her fingers.
     "I can take that. And you dated Jem because she was like me?"
     "In many ways..." He slipped his arm about her shoulders. "...The way you fiddle with your earrings. The fact that all the earrings you or Jem wear are the star ones. Believe it or not, you act like Jerrica when you are Jem. Except Jem is more laid back. Jem doesn't have too many responibilities. Like you do. And there are other little things." He neglected to tell her that he'd heard her singing in the livingroom when everyone was gone once, and she sounded a lot like Jem!
     "I don't know what to say... Where do we go from here?"
     "It's up to you, Jerrica. It's always been up to you."
     "I can't see a future for us." She shook her head slowly. "And I don't know why." He didn't either.
     "Get back here!!!" Came a cry from the kitchen. She raced through the kitchen with deft ease, breaking nothing on her way from the crime scene. Turning around, she stuck her tounge out at her tormentee'. What she didn't see was Aja on her way to the kitchen. When Aja saw the streak of pure evil, she had no time to move out of the way. Montgomery ran into her full force.
     "Owww... What in the- Oh Aja, are you okay? Did I hurt you?" Aja was her other favorite, besides Jerrica.
     "I'm okay, Montgomery, what's going on." Her blue hair was disheveled from the collision, and her hip was hurting, but Aja smiled at the girl anyway.
     "I'm sorry, dude."
     "MONTGOMERY!!!" Aja knew the voice. It was Kimber. And she was madder than she'd ever seen her before. Kimber rushed into the living room, scowling. Montgomery stood up, and ran up the stairs, flying like a flash of wind. Kimber took off after her, screaming at her, with Aja running after them.
     Shana was outside relaxing. It had been a while since she relaxed, and she was lying in the summer sun slightly dozing. Her thoughts were of future designs for the Holograms. Maybe I should run with pink for the boa, or maye a white boa with specks.  She was usually the one to take rests when she needed them, but the Holograms and her designs were taking up every hour of her day.  This must be how Jerrica feels all the time. Her mind drifted in and and out of sleep, until her breath was taken away. Violently, she opened her eyes. Montgomery had plummeted out of the window again. Kimber was shouting out the window. She rolled her eyes and took a big breath as the girl jumped off of her and took off toward the dark driveway.
     The beach was wonderful. It had done wonders for Jerrica. The sun had fallen, and night was upon them. Stars twinkled in the midnight sky. The wind had picked up, but Jerrica was far from cold. The waves rolled with more force and her mind was far from thinking. Then it came back to her. Montgomery. Home. Montgomery was probably giving everyone Hell. But Jerrica was so comfortable. Her mind was at peace, for once, and she didn't want to lose that. But the moment was gone, and she was busy thinking about her hectic life again. Jerrica sighed, and sat up. Rio had fallen asleep a while ago and she had been listening to his breathing. Not wanting to wake him, but knowing she had to, she gently punched him in the shoulder. Nothing. She kissed his cheek with feather soft kisses. This seemed to be good, because Rio was moving. She continued this, and he slowly opened his eyes. She looked into his slate blue eyes.
     "We should go back." She sighed.
     "I was just getting comortible." He whined. She pulled him by the arms, and smiled.
     He'd known this was god for her, going to their spot. But he didn't expect it to be this good. Her face looked so happy and so free. Not always creased in thought. Her eyes were lighter, as was her soul. When she smiled, he knew that she could never fake such a wonderful smile. Yes, this trip had done her good. But soon they were going to go back. And Hell was waiting for them.
     As she ran up the driveway, she looked behind her. Aja was fast and catching up to her. Raya appeared out of nowhere and almost caught her. Almost. She practically flew out of the darkness. Then she fell back with the others. As all the Holograms chased Montgomery, she was getting short of breath. She hoped the others would tire before her. But she couldn't take that chance. The driveway was just a head of her.
     Breathing labored, she made it to the drive way. All she had to do was run and never stop. She ran down the driveway, her mary janes making squishy noises on her bare feet. As she came to the end of the driveway, a car appeared in front of her. She jumped on the car and climbed over it, Aja doing the same jsut seconds after her. She knew who'd been in the car. Jerrica and Rio. If she was caught, she was in big trouble. But she couldn't help it if she didn't get along with Kimber.
 Next to fly over the car was Raya, who did so with the most ease. Flinging her body over the car, she seemed to be vaulting herself. The she took off in the direction Aja was headed. Shana flew over next, with almost as much dexterity as Raya. The last to fly over the car was Kimber, her red hair blocking her view. When she was about to jump off the car and join the others, the car sped forward and Kimber was thrown onto the back window. She stood up, jumped off the car and finally took off after everyone else in the darkness.
     The way home was just as wonderful as the evening had been. The top was down, and Jerrica felt the wind blowing her hair. She'd always loved the wind in her hair. Ever since she was a little girl, and her father would take she and Kimber on drives every Saturday. She hadn't thought about that for years. And for once the thought wasn't painful to her. Sighing peacefully, she glanced over at Rio as he put the top back up on the car.
     "We're almost home." He smiled at her.
     "Too bad. I wished we could have stayed longer. I'm sure Montgomery's fine." As soon as those words slipped out of Jerrica's mouth they turned in the driveway. Suddenly, there was a huge thud heard and it came from on top of the car.
     "Rio, did you?"
     "Yes I did. I wonder what it is." They waited for whatever it was to get off the car in silence. Jerrica strained to hear and when there was nothing, she started to open the door. But before she could accomplish this, another thud was heard.
     "What in the hell is going on?" Rio looked out the window to see a woman with blue hair running off into the distance. Turning to Jerrica, he couldn't believ what her had just seen. Jerrica must have seen that look on his face, because she asked:
     "What was it?"
     "I think it was Aja." Another thud. They both turned this time to look out the back window. They saw dark pink hair running off after Aja. They both looked at eachother and said:
     "I have a bad feeling about this. I know this has to do with Montgomery." Another thud was heard, and when they turned around again to see Shana following after Aja, Raya, and whoever made the first thud.
     "All that's left is Kimber." Rio said.
     "Kimber went to Sean's house. Pull up into the rest of the drivway." Rio put the car into gear and slightly pushed on the gas pedal, when they heard the last thump.
     "Kimber?" Rio asked. He put his foot to the pedal slowly and Kimber fell back on the roof of the car. "I guess it was her. Look Jerrica!" Rio had been looked out the back window. They saw bright red hair fly off into the dark distance.
     Damning her corduroy overalls, she hide behind a huge oak tree. Aja was the one she really had to worry about. She was in the upmost of physical condition. The rest were in great condition, but Aja excirsized all the time.
     The night was getting cooler, and she had no coat on. She wouldn't freeze, though. She never had before on the street. The stars looked so beautiful in the night sky, she wanted to reach up and touch them. But, a person walking by the tree ripped her out of her imagination. The person walked past the tree, but still was a threat. Then someone came up to the person.
     "Did you find her?" It was Kimber's voice.
     "No." Said Aja. "But she's around somewhere." Aja would never find her in the darkness. Montgomery was sure of that. Climbing the tree silently was very hard, but Montgomery acomplished the task. She watched the gound as all of the Holograms met up together and talked.
     "Jerrica's gonna kill me for losing her." That was Kimber.
     "Jerrica won't. She's knows How mongtomery is." That was Shana. She heard what had to be pacing and then she heard more footsteps by the Holograms.
     "Jerrica?!" Shrieked Kimber.
     "What's going on? Who's watching the girls?" Jerrica was back to her old self.
     "Mrs. Bailey is! We had her keep an eye on them."
     "Where is Mongtomgery." Montgomery looked down to see Rio standing right under the tree. Since Jerrica was there, she'd have to show herself anyway. She jumped from the tree and landed on Rio's shoulders.
    "Right here!"
    "Mongtomery!" Everyone said at the same time. She just smiled her sly smile, and winked at Jerrica.
     "I was just playing with the Holograms here." She started when Kimber cut her off.
     "She was tormenting everyone!"
     "Montgomery." Jerrica had found her stern voice again. Montgomery jumped off of Rio and smile at Jerrica.
    "Who are you gonna believe? Your sister, who you have know all her life... or ME who you've known for umm... about two weeks!"
     "Not funny." She must have been really mad at her.
     "Well, why don't we all just go back and have a god cup of Jo, what do you say?"
     "We will go back, Montgomery, but you and I are going to talk in private."
     Jerrica watched the girl pace the living room. She hated to be rough with her, but this was the last straw. The girl walked back and forth, biting her nails.
     "Montgomery?" All of the other girls had been ushered out of the living room.
     "What happened here?"
     "I was just messing with them. You know, havin' fun." She shoved her hands into the pockets of her overalls.
     "You have no right to disrupt the whole household, Montgomery. No one here does. Now, are you going  to tell me what is going on?"
     "I'm just bored. I want something to do. Like school or something. That's my best excuse." She half smiled an evil grin. "And Kimber's so fun to tease."
     "How can I have you work with me if you act like this?"
     "Because I like you. I'll behave. I know how to work for money."
     "Are you going to tell me about yourself now? How you have work experiance at the age of thirteen."
     "Just used to work with dad at the office."
     "Where are your parents?"
     "They died two years ago. After the funeral, I ran and never went back." She looked at the ground. Jerrica knew that she was crying, but dared not get near her. She would just push her away. She ran her hand through her hair and looked at the floor too.
     "Do you have any other family?"
     "Nope. It's just me. No one would have cared anyway. So I just disappeared not to be seen again until that baka cop found me."
     "That what cop?"
     "Stupid cop. It's Japanese."
     "Oh, is that what language your CD is in?"
     "Yeah." The girl sat on the floor, and Jerrica sat next to her. Jerrica looked down at the dark shiny hair. She pet the girl on the head and said: "Why didn't you tell us?"
     "Because I didn't want anyone to know me. Don't you get it?"
     "No I don't get it, I'm sorry."
     "I'm going to bed." When she stood, Jerrica lightly grabbed her slim wrist.
     "I'm an orphan too."
     "Good for you."
     "Why didn't you want us to know you?"
     "Because I'm alone and I like it that way. Everyone seems to want a family, but me."
     "Are you sure that's what you want?"
     "Yes. To be alone. I want to be alone. Forever."
     "Can't you see where this is leading? My parents didn't take me with them. And I don't want anyone else. Okay? Now will you just leave me alone?"
     "Yes, I will." With that, Jerrica hugged the girl. And for the first time Montgomery hugged her back.
I've said it once, I'll say it again, Jem doesn't belong to me folks it belongs to sunbow, Claster TV, Sony Wonder, And hasbro. Later! And, I was just told that Video's name is Vivian Montgomery. And no this has nothing to do with her. The Montgomery name. It is a name I often use in stories.